Reviews on Young Adult Books by the Audience They Were Intended For

The Golden Compass

Anyone that likes a captivating fantasy or mystery book should read  The Golden Compass.

A picture of our book!

A picture of our book!

In this story a little girl goes on a epic adventure to find out what the true meaning of dust is.  In a world of witches, talking animals, & mythical creatures,  a mysterious cult called The Gobblers are entrapping  children. Another significant group in the story is the Jordan college which is run by the master.
This story has amazing characters! Lyra: A girl who grew up in a college her whole life is the hero. Lyra’s daemon,  Pantalemon,  travels with her to the frosty arctic. Iorek the bear has no daemon but his armor is his soul. Along the way our hero, meets Mrs. Coulter an elegant, charming, and beautiful woman with a golden monkey.
Lyra starts off as a curious stubborn girl but later shows her true colors.
I think Philip Pullman’s purpose is to entertain and educate readers about the unique ideas and morals of the story.  Finding the good in anyone takes time. We should have a skeptical mind regarding authorities.
Lyra is a high minded role model for early teenagers. I would recommend this book to readers 11 & up


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